You still longed for a presence that doesn’t exist.

Ahh I had a great day at schoool, I can’t believe I’m actually saying that out loud but its true ! Apart from a couple of tests & stuff, I really actually like school. genuinely.

I guess it kinda fits. I mean everyone in my class is going through the exact same thing as me, we’re all pretty much the same & its ourr last year in school too. it kinda gets sad when I think about never coming back. ever.

I mean sure I’m excited about going to university, but its just this thing about breaking away from what I’ve been part of for ages. All my memories are related to something I did, something I learnt, something I said in school.

Once you break away from school, its like you’rre on the brink of adulthood, university is the last stop. After that life just kinda feels different, you’re no longer hanging out with your old friends from high school, & you’re not even sure if you’ll be with yourr current university friends. You start getting worried about getting a job/getting married/having kids blah blah .. you’re just doing the same thing your parents did.

But now I look back & I think, hell yes ! I still got 8 whole months left & I gotta make the best of it ! I got 8 amazing months with teachers & classrooms not yet replaced by lecture halls & something inside me feels alot more better.

This is the yearr we all graduate. & we will forever be the Class of 2011.


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