55 random facts aboutt me. xD

01. I don’t like swearing but I do it cause’ its an old habit that isn’t really quite dying already.

02. Cats are my first animal love, too bad I can’t have them.

03. I cannot stand stupidity/stupid people/illogical arguments based on feelings – if you’re gonna put a case forward, you better make it a damn good one or get out of my face.

04. The human body is the most fascinating subject for me, which is why I want to be a doctor just so I can know everything about it.

05. Sometimes I wish I could work harder in school, because I know I can & want to prove it this one last time.

06. Jealousy is not my thing, but I do get sad if I think about something I could have had too much.

07. I think I’m a nice person, but when I don’t like someone, I just can’t be nice at all. I’m sorryy ! Argh I don’t want to sound mean ! >.<

08. Basically, I’m devoid of talent but I try not to think about that too much.

09. I own a guitar but I can’t play it – lack of talent again.

10. I got mad love for music, anything that can play what I can’t say absolutely gets to me.

11. I sound veryy sleepy when I talk , & I look even more so, but people who’re like me turn out pretty interesting so I’m cool with it.

12. People’s judgements have never affected me, I do however get annoyed when their judgements lack basic facts & logic.

13. I care a bit too much & it usually ends up ruining me instead.

14. I get depressed over nothingness.

15. Never dying habit #1 – I always help people as much as I can just because I think I owe the world that much.

16. I love philosophy& psychology cause’ I love thoughts & ideas & wanna know why the human mind does what it does.

17. I hate conforming, I think its the worst possible thing a human being can do apart from being stupid.

18. I dislike injustice intensely. very intensely.

19. I care a little too much about my friends.

20. I can never blame anyone after something’s happened, because I think everything’s my fault even when deep down I know it isn’t – I can’t let people know I’m holding a grudge against them cause’ it scares me.

21. I love revenge. period.

22. sometimes, I wish I were a guy just so I could go out & not be scared for once.

23. I hate it when people misunderstand me.

24. I also hate red meat.

25. I’m really paranoid/scared/not a risk taker & very chronically socially awkward.

26. I hate Geo with a burning rage.

27. I love Pakistan so goddamn much, but hate the societies there.

28. I have only a few chosen friends that I actually love & care aboutt – since its 4 in the morning when I feel especially gayy, I’m gonna mention them all. xP

Uh lets see – Hera, Hira, Mariiam, Shahzeen, Nafia, then there’ss .. um oh right, Khalid, Shehryarr, Iraam, Fatima, Amer .. I think thats all. xP

They’re the only ones I’d talk to when I feel like it, & the only ones I’d actually do anything forr. Okay maybe not. But argh in a small way, yes.

29. I get hurt pretty easily, try covering it up, then one seemingly normal day I let it out in the weirdest way possible.

30. I take alot of time to get over things – & at one point, it gets pretty hard.

31. I will never understand the larka zaaat. xP

32. One day, I wanna learn like a lot of different languages.

33. I tend to get really infatuated with too many celebrities all at the same time AND I don’t like sharing them unless I want to. xP


35. I miss good times more than normal. its abnormal.

36. I have a thing for tall guys with glasses & a light beard who’re huggable – which totally means they should be all cuddly & round !

37. I want to be remembered by people I care about after I die. manyy mannny years after I die.

38. I always try achieving peace & nirvana & accept things, but all of it is not possible.

39. I want to get married one day to someone who totally understands me, but thats not possible.

40. I want to adopt kids.

41. I smile aloooot. More than anyone I know. I smile at absolutely anything. Its kinda like my defense mechanism, I never like showing people exactly what I feel so I smile even when its not funny.

42. I suck at telling people bad news, mostly because -surprise surprise- I smile too much.

43. I think British accents are hot especially on desi guys.

44. When I was younger, I wanted to be Ariel from Little Mermaid cause’ she was the bestest !

45. Daal Chawal is the worst possible food I can digest.

46. I hate people who don’t earnn money yet change cellphones every month.

47. Ufone makes the best advertisements ever. period.

48. I love reading, but only when I have nothing better to do.

49. I want to drive in Saudi Arabia just to let those stupid Arabs know that I did.

50. Math is my weakness. Believe me when I say that I lose my train of thought when I see numbers.

51. Puns are awesome.

52. I love clothes, but I usually don’t get the stuff I want.

53. The letter ‘J’ is something I can no longer stand looking at.

54. I’m a guilt bomb.

55. To me Engineering is like the Jock Block & Medicine is like that group of kids who take Marijuana & still get awesome grades.


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