Cherry Waves.

Everyone runs the risk of sounding demented when they say something unheard of. People often do not like believing new ideas, new theories, or even hearing something they admit to knowing deep down as being true yet don’t show it. It is disturbing to the masses, to now forget what they believe in & preach & to accept something new, mostly because the ideas that they believed in so long ago had made so much sense before. They feel threatened, in a small way albeit, about how other thoughts & ideas may change their life. They fear anything that can change what they believe in, change what they do, & ultimately change who they are.

Fear of the unknown is not unheard of, & it is one of the fundamental drives behind the reason why we make our set of choices. It is the reason why we fight, make peace, love & hate, care & cry & blatantly throw our life out there for any random cause that we believe is worth it. We fear the unknown because we do not know what it holds, & what difference it could cause. We caution others who are willing enough to face the unknown to be aware of what they are up against, ironically when we ourselves have not faced anything. We really just caution the person with fears of our apprehensions, which we believe to be true to a certain extent.

What our apprehensions are, are nothing more than fears that we’ve had of something considerably close to what the current situation is. Our apprehensions consist of our past experiences with something that we felt, heard, or had seen once before. We tend to believe them more reasoning because the more we fear something, the more we believe that it will happen sooner or later regardless of what facts may be laid down for us to see.

However this is not always the case. Sometimes, not too often, we are brought back to the realm of reality after we were lost in the oblivion of paranoia. Losing the line that divides these two often proves to be fatally destructive, because then reality holds no meaning, & the amalgamation of 2 separate worlds proves to hold too many inhumane possibilities, sustaining to be too God-like for a mere human being to handle thus driving him to the brink of insanity, even possibly tipping him over with no strings attached.

This is how most people view a person who speaks of what we do not understand, when he speaks of ideas & theories that are new to us. We the masses prove to be the exact thing the person fears when he speaks out loud, however, this time the fear is justified, this fear is the reality to which he is brought back to when he’s lost in paranoia. It is only a terrible cycle that repeats itself, no one knows how to break through it, & those who do, are easily replaced thus making no difference if a few people make crucial attempts to fix this paradoxical sequence. Those crucial attempts always fail, a small minority cannot change what has been created by the majority of the society. The only thing left to do is ignore what we know, or forever be lost in frustration.


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