Calling all boys .. this is something you really gotta know.

1.  Firstly, you may think this is what all straight guys do, but no. Posting pictures [like the one below this] does not make you fit in. Trust me.


Honestly, after this, the only colour that kept popping in my mind was pink .. particularly this shade. & I’m pretty sure this time it’s not my hormones that are screaming to make me a little more feminine.


2. Messing up your grammar just shows how much of a douche bag you are. This goes for girls too, but for now, lets just focus on the guys. You see, when you mess up grammar, you mess up your entire frkkn self respect. You just show your true colours once again – this time it’s Yellow.

Just look at Mr. Feminine Side up there .. his caption clearly reads ‘am crying but wants to hide it from da world’. Um. Well. Where do I start ?

Exhibit B - The ones who like raping the Caps Lock key.

3. This is the next category which includes the type of people who’re attention whores. Not just any type, you see, they’re the type who like writing stuff about themselves that is obviously not true [who’re they kidding, really?] & then they basically just sound like jackasses.

Exhibit C - The ones who like to show the world that they're attention whores.

Okay firstly ‘religioun’ ? Really ? How could you mess that up ? Is that how you pronounce it ?

Secondly, okay I agreed. Honest to God, I actually agreed with this person that we shouldn’t really judge someone else. I even over looked the spelling of ‘yewr’ & I was like ah well, you know ? But then, after like a frkkload of periods, I saw that this person was [& stil is] just so full of bs. I mean he messed up the spelling of ‘then’, ‘you’, ‘realize’ & ‘am’. Also, the sentence itself spoke of delusion. Perfect ? Don’t make me want to hurt you.

4. Okay PLEASE PLEASE PUHLEASEEEE ! Complete your sentences !

Exhibit D - The ones enjoy writing half sentences cause' that only have a limited amount of words they need to use each day.

What, you’re looking for ‘a’ boy ? You’re a looking boy like some kinda new mirror ?  You’re a boy who’s supposed to be looked at hence the term ‘looking boy’?

No wait, why even mention that you’re a boy ? Really ? & whats with putting up a small ‘wallpaper’ picture of Salman Khan that’s been fan made ? Dammit.

5. Guys do NOT take pictures like that. No, they do not wear clothes like that. They aren’t supposed to !

Exhibit E - Posers.

Look, when you’re a guy, & especially skinny, you don’t wear skin tight clothes. It just makes you look like a girl. & then the pose isn’t helping either. You’re in a mall, you’re standing with another guy, & you’re dressed like that. & you’re not just standing .. its like you’re holding each other. Might as well give you both veils.

It makes me wonder, what is going through their mind when they’re posing for this ? I mean are they doing this on purpose or was this involuntary?

6. Fakeness.

Exhibit F - The lolcat.

I will leave you guys to ponder on this one on your own. This is from the profile of some dude. A heart, which says ‘MY sweet HART’. Lets just hope he’s referring to Bret Hart .. because that just makes more sense as to why he’s gay.


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