Would you rather ?

Lick a frog or lick a one dollar bill? Ugh frogs. I’ll only lick the dollar bill if I get to keep it.


Be a nerd and have friends that love you or be popular and have friends that hate you? Nerd ! =D


Dye your hair pink or eat raw hamburger meat? I’ll make sure the pink kinda looks like Alison Iraheta’s !


Go naked to school all day or fail a semester? Ah well failing it is.


Have a nice nerdy boyfriend or have a hoot jerk boyfriend? Well, the nice nerdy boyfriend better look the way I want !


Have swine flu or not be able to move for a year? H1N1 it is.


Be a hobo or be in jail for a year? Yay Hobo !


Have a random one night stand or have to take a homelesss man anywhere he wants to go for a year? Homeless man – but I’ll probably kill him on the first day. Oh well.


Wear overalls for a month or not take a shower for a month? I ❤ overalls !


Not be able to google or not be able to sleep for one day? Not to be able to use google. xD


Have to be on crutches to get around or have to kiss the grossest guy you know? Crutches, duh.


Have to read a 500 page book in 1 day or have to do 500 pages of civics work in 1 day? Read the book.


Watch a marathon of mash or have to watch the food network all day and not eat? How about neither.


Be in a movie or help the needy? Helping the needy !


Build a house or eat a worm? I want a house.


Create a survey or create a poll? Doesn’t matter.


Not be able to talk to the opposite sex for a year or be in your room for a year? Uh that’s just weird.


Not able to watch tv or not able to listen to music? No tv.


Have to drink orange soda for the rest of your life or just eat pasta for the rest of your life? Viva la Pasta !


Go to colloge or go to the marines? College.


Get married or have a baby? From where I come from, you gotta marry before you have a kid. xP


Launch a website or be a ceo of a company? CEO ! But then noo, I wanna be a surgeon .. CEO of Surgeons’r’us ?


Not be able to watch your favorite movie or not be able to watch your favorite show? Favorite Moviee haha.


Be able to play an instrument or be a star for nothing? Play an instrument.


Not be able to eat chocolate or not be able to drink coke? Not eat chocolate.



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