Another one bites the dust.

Okay so where do I start?

I was poked by this guy on facebook. How do I know he’s a guy ? I wouldn’t have guessed honestly, so I checked his profile.

So his name is Gustakh. It’s actually phonetically correct, & literally translates into ‘Batameez’. So apparently he’s  a ‘Batameez’ Woofer and allegedly, the king of the fictitious land of broken hearts. Didn’t think this through properly did you ‘FAce Book K KeeraYY’?

Not seen : association with reality or sanity.

You can practically see him twirling his fake king mustache.

Huh. Okay so, I should probably not believe people when they say you’re desperate to be loved [Friendship, Relationship, Networking – Seriously ?!] & that I should really just sit back, & let you surprise me by coming out as the dude who secretly goes to ‘Saudia Womens Collage’ ? The wink will just adds to evidence honestly.

The king appreciates obscene gestures in his land with a hint of love.




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