[x] I like at least one shade of pink, HEHE
[   ] I don’t like being messy
[   ] My belongings are organized
[   ] I don’t like rock music
[   ] I like wearing accessories, its a girl thing alright?!
[   ] Bright colors amaze me
[   ] I hate black
[   ] I go to the salon once a week
[   ] I comb my hair almost all the time
[x] I bring my phone with me everywhere, phone = bestfriends & boyfriend.

[x] I wear baggy pants
[x] I play video games
[x] I listen to bands like,Yellowcard, Switchfoot, etc.
[x] I like wearing jackets with hoods
[x] I’m too lazy to do chores
[  ] I don’t like shopping
[x] I like/would like to go bungee jumping
[  ] I like being sweaty, its healthy alright? haihh.
[x] I’m a big fan of marvel heroes
[  ] I always wear perfume

[x] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket
[x] I enjoy studying, when needed 😀
[  ] I wear glasses, HAHA! ohmywog! 😀
[  ] I’m a straight-A student
[  ] I’ve never skipped any class in my whole life, 😀
[  ] I like my shirt tucked in
[x] One of my favorite subject is science, ohmywog 😐
[x] I like reading books, HAHA
[  ] My assignments are passed up on time, 😀

[x] I love the color black, eeeey? *squints eye*
[x] I sit at the corner
[x] One side of my hair is covering one of my eyes
[x] I like listening to metal rock music
[x] I have a lot of problems in my life
[  ] I don’t talk much,
[  ] I don’t have that much friends
[  ] I barely have fun
[  ] I barely go out with my folks or friends

[   ] I love to stare at the ceiling 4 ten minutes, its fun, motherfucker 😀
[   ] I sleep with a stuff toy, nooo, pshht.
[x] I watch cartoons
[x] I love to invent words only i understand-
[x] I sleep with a night light, noo! pshht. 😀
[  ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit
[x] I’m scared of roller coasters
[  ] I like being with my family relatives, nooo! pssht 😀
[  ] I take bubble baths, nooo! pshhht. 😀
[x] I love Spongebob, oh come on! who doesnt?!

Multiply each score by 10 & repost as ..% girlish, ..% boyish, ..%nerdy,..% emo & ..% childish

20% Girlish, 70% Boyish, 40% Nerdy, 50% Emo and 50% Childish.


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