I know that we started, I know that we ended.

I slept for just 2 hours today, & I don’t know why I’m still awake.

God, I should really sleep now.

I’m exhausted, tired of all this emotional drama & the challenges I have to face. they’re not hard to overcome, but they’re overwhelming.

I’m honestly not even affected by what’s happening to me, I just want to let go. just this once. take a step back & take one good look at my life & figure stuff out.

I’m not even slightly upset about my life. just a little taken aback. I don’t like sudden changes. I like stuff to be gradual. like everyone I suppose.

Everything’s happening too fast, exams, end of my last year, making new friends, meeting old ones. Gah. wtf.

I neeeeeeed sleeep.


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