Nostalgia on the road.

alright so, apparently we’re about 125 km away from Riyadh, & I’m listening to A.D.I.D.A.S by KoRn .. not bad haven’t heard it in about a yearr or something.
Anyhow I don’t really know what to do right now. I wanna go onlinee by idk how to considering I’m getting no signals hereee. Also, I feel like talking to Sarosh mostly because that’s what I’ve been doing everytime I was bored , but now everything’s changed & I’m working on accepting it. I mean I now need to find someone else lol .. NOT my style.
I’ll probably be over this whole thing in a few days .. gonna ignore him a little because okay honestly he deserves it, I have been going a little too easy on him.
& goddammit I need to study ! I had such a good plan of studying Physics laid out for this long weekend & now it’s all gone ! I did bring my books but I know that I probably won’t be able to study shit .. uff the quandries.
Okay now I’m listening to ‘My Goodbyes’ by Saliva. Great song, reminds me of my vacation in Pakistan in 2008. I was always sprawled on the sofa when I used to listen to it !
I wanna hang out with AJ too again, it was kinda cool though it was cut short cause’ I had to come to Riyadh, & blaah.
Ohmygod how did I make it this far ?!
Man I remember I used to obsessed with ‘Rehab’ by Rihanna .. ooold memories man. It’s part of my happy times playlist because I know I used to be happy when I used to listen to it, no exams ki tension, or the sad times with azk or Junaid or with Sarosh so yesss it’s all part of a good time !
I think my parents are still listening to ABBA’s greatest hits LOL. I remember even I used to obsessed with it once. Back when I was like 7? Anyhow it was about 10 years ago !
Man the roads are sooo dead right now, no cars anywhere !
Oh god it’s ‘Don’t Stay’ by Linkin Park now, amazing stufff when I was 10 ! Now I skipped to ‘My First Single’ by Eminem haha, I remember when I used to obsessed with it & Nafia too !
I wish I was onlinee, I wanna talk to Hera ! Man this is soo random, I wanna take pictures actually, but no camera & the fact that it’s dark isn’t helping !
Okay now it’s ‘Believe’ by the Disturbed .. Junaid’s favorite bandd .. one of his favorite songs too ! Damn everything changes so fast !

Oh & he came online a while ago too, like the first time in a yearr ! I think he was waiting for me to talkk, ah sad I didn’t// okay now it’s ‘Stupify’ by the Disturbed ..
I swear I felt like I just went through a deja vu moment right now ! I totally remember writing this very long ago !
Do I sound insanee ?

I feel insanee. I’ve been doing nothing for like almost 4 hours.

I’m listening to ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5 ! =D

Man I’ve got so many memories with my songs, that if I lose my playlist, it’ll be like losing half my memories too. So what should I do now ..
Sing along ?


my voice SUCKS.

like really bad.

Soo pretend to sing along ?

Yes. Very much so.




time to change the song.

‘Alive’ by P.O.D !

Okay distinct memory with this song is that I used to youtube this video at Marya’s house when I used to sleepover .. & the fact that this was the reason I became friends with AJ in the first place. I had such a big crush on Sonny Sandoval !

those dreadlocks were amazing !
‘No way’ by KoRn .. one of old favorites. Not many memories with it, except perhaps it was the last song I liked of KoRn.

Haha ‘Holidae Inn’! Damn I was so obsessed with this song , I thought it was the most ghetto song EVERR. I never noticed the lusty voices back then. huh. Anyhow it’s such a typical song, I can’t believe I even liked it !Soo not me anymore !

‘Walk Away’ by Kelly Clarksonn, I still love her voice .. I think I listened to it back in 2006 when I met my cousins from America that yearr. Not a bad yearr.

‘.. there’s no crowd in the street, & no sun in my summer..” (8)

Okay now my brother’s watching The Wild on TV .. I wish we had more DVD’s .. so wrong that we have old movies only.

Ohgod Chino Moreno’s voice is soo goooodd ❤
I hate The Wild btw.

An hour till we reach Riyadh .. I’m surprised I’m still not hungry !
Oh I think this is The Disturbed now !


Man it’s been what, 4 years when I heard this !

I love !
I want my Zune HD now, so much I want to listen to !

“..Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resorttt..” – thank you Amer for introducing me to the song that would get me through some pretty hard times .. amazing band, amazing song, amazing band. [yes, I repeated myself]

” Nothing’s alright, Nothing’s fine – im running & crying ! ”

‘With arms wide open’ – Amer all over again! Still remember how much I used to love this song, especially the music .. Christian rock was awesome once.
Btw, I see a sudden influx of cars on the opposing lane .. it’s so dark though !

I love listening to songs till my ears feel like they’re gonna bleed because that’s when you really have crossed the limit .. it’s got so much awesomeness, music. It can speak for you, feel for youu. Do things you can’t do. Right now, I don’t feel like I’m in the car, I feel so unreal like I’m in between 2 worlds.
Haha okay now my brother’s watching Pirates of the Caribean 2,  Davy Jones is ONE ugly dude.

Johnny Depp is soo hot !

Ewww Davy has tentacles for hands ! Gross !
‘Crying Lightening’ by Arctic Monkeys noww, kinda coool.

I love the chorus !

“..Your pastimes consisted of the strange, the twisted & deranged & I hate that little game you had called ‘Crying Lightning’ & how you liked to aggravate the icecream man on a rainy afternoon..” =D
‘Dani California’ by my personal favorite nonsense band, Red Hot Chili Peppers !

“..California Rest in Peace, Simultaneous Release..”
All Because of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.All because of //[Yes I’m singing along right noww.]
Something’s wrong with me,


Am I too blind to see, that the something is behind your eyes & it’s bringing me to my knees.

All I want is you & now I don’t care cause’ all I do is waiting & watching & watchingg & I know all this is truee

‘Rooftops’ by LostProphets .. it’s been long. I used to love this song. Reminds me of carefree moments like back in early 10th grade .. but I never liked the chorus !
Okay so now I’m listening to ‘Different Stars’ by Trespassers William .. it reminds me of Sarosh. Sigh. I wrote 2 of my favorite lines from this song to him. Time to change it?  yes.

‘Already Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson .. I love it so much still !The video made me happy cause’ Kelly had gotten kinda round & I felt better about how I looked. xP
“ know I love you so, I love you enough to let you go..”
“Handle Bars” by Flobots now !The song was so empowering .. full of so much awesomeness !
“..I can end the planet in a holocaust..” damnn that’s so cool.

“.. I can lead a nation with a microphone ..”
‘Cold’ by Evans Blue ! Evans Blue is actually a medical dye, which is why I love them so much !

Hollaback girl ? No no nooo – Seriously Crank Dat ?Uffff.
Finally. ‘Yesterday’ by the Staind ! Gotta thank them for making a song I totally connect to ! =D
Sipping Sizzurp in my ride like 36, Now I’m feeling so fly like G6 (L)

Sober girls around me they be acting like they drunnkkkkk
‘SHAYAAAAAD’ by Calll !Oh man I gotta listen to their other songs right now !
‘Kuch Nahin’ by Call .. one of my all time favorite , they have this awesome line it’s like ” Phir Bhi Tarestay tum Rahey Wujud jo hai nahii” that translates into “You still longed for a prescence that doesn’t exist”
3 DAYS GRACE NOWWW. scareddd !

& I see Riyadh noww !
10 percent of the battery is left uff !
You know I could be Just Like Youuuu !
Woohoo, a cover of Michael Jacksons’ ‘Beat it’ by Fallout Boy feat. John Mayer on the guitars ! =D
I think I’ll end this with Blink 182’s ‘Easy Target’ – goodnight everyone !Hope you enjoyed this one sided playlist on shuffle !


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