Nostalgia on my way back home.

Okay so now I’m on way homee.

Listening to ‘After Me’ by Saliva .. dude I swear their vocalist has this amazing thing in his voice, so much emotion it’s so gooood.


Guess what, The Wild in on TV again, uff that movie was so gay !


“..The World is after meeeeee !

Feels like I’m falling in the ocean,

there’s always someone to help me down ..

Web of tangled emotions..”


Anyhow we stopped for soo long at this one place because of the sandstorm, so boring & ohmygod it’s so hot again ! >.<


‘freestylerr’ by Bomfunk MC .. I remember Malaz ! He & I used to like this song like waaay back in the 5th grade !

I gotta admit, it’s still got pretty good beats .. upto the first 1:20 seconds.


‘Reckless Abandon’ by Blink 182 ! =D

Mann it’s so sandyyy ! I wonder if I’ll miss this ..


“..On & on reckless abandonnn,

Something’s wrong, this is gonna shock them,

Nothing to hold on to, use this song to lead you on,

& break the truth with more bad news,

They left a scar sized ‘extra large’..”



‘it’s not easy’ by 5 for Fighting is next, mm as much as I love this song, it always makes me sad. The lyrics are amazing, very empowering, always make me feel insignificant.


‘My Hero’ covered Paramore !

I love the guitaring in this onee .. but not really into the chorus.


Question – what kinda name is Tyrese ?!

& Chingy lmfao !

I used to love his songs !


‘Superman’s dead’ by Our Lady Peace .. okay for a random shuffle list, why are all the songs related to Superman playing right now ?!


‘Are we the waiting’ by Green Day. Sigh, memories of 2005.


“Forget me nots, Second thoughts with the isolation,

Heads or tails , fairytales in my mind.

Are we, we are, Are we, we are the waiting?

Rachel,the story of my life,

The Jesus of Suburbia is a lie”

Tre Cool is awesome at drumming. Period. Though admittedly, I like Travis Barker better, he practically builts the tempo through the song !


‘Numb’ by Linkin Parkk – obsessed LP fan back in the 6th grade ? Very much so. I thought this was practically the deepest song ever written haha !


‘Teenage Dream’ cover by Boyce Avenue .. I used to listen to this alot in the last 2 months. Sigh painfully enough.


‘Swing Swing’ by All American Rejects ! Just what I needed !


“..Did you think I would cry, over the phone?

Do you know what it feels like, being alone?

I’ll find someone neww !

Swing Swinggg, from the tangles of my heart,

it’s crushed by a former love,

can you help me find a way to carry on again?..”


Ah so gooooooood.

Just how I feel !


“Complicated” by Avril Lavigne .. she used to be cool before. Now she’s just weird. Lost my respectt.

Last I heard her was back in 2008.


Yay ‘Eclipsed’ by Evans Blue


“..We love our tragedies,

we’re broken in our own little ways..

..When our lives meet, will you love me then?

& will you ever know it? Seems like you’ve known me for song..”



“Don’t fall for me, Even when you know you’re falling for me..”


I wonder how many more minutes till I reach Dammam?

I so desperately wanna watch the match ! It’s frkkn Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka .. full of unexpected results !


Anyhow I soo do not wanna listen to KoRn right now, they make me feel weird now !


“Chalta Rahaa” LOL I still like it alot .. but yeh painful hearing his voice uff. Why did he have to do this to me ? Time to skip.


“Nishaan” by Noorie, I wonder what happened to them now? They were one of my favorite [& I think only mainstream Punkrock band in Pakistan]

Even the lyrics ! ❤


“dhundo gay sitaray, to zamana tumhey dekhay ga,

aakey tumhari yeh zindagi say kheylay ga,

chalo gay zamaney say to saab tumhey cherey gaiey,

tum so na pao gay, doob jao gay.

Bhula do yeh sara jahaan,

likho ab nai dastaan,

metay ga nai yeh nishaan”

Awesomeness !


“Diary of Janeee” by Breaking Benjaminn !

Discovered them through MTV .. they were still playing good music at that time huh.


“Engine no. 9” by Deftones .. circa 1999 if I’m not mistaken.

Chino used to rap back then !

Compared, it’s such a change from their current ‘Youve Seen The Butcher’ single !


‘Streamline’ by SOAD .. nostalgic. I remember I thought they were the coolest when I first saw them on TV back in the 7th grade !

I introduced Amer to them, I miss sharing that with him.


“Anywhere” by Evanescence, slow track, & really different from any of Fallen’s songs cause’ it’s all about being happy with yourr beloved. Blah.


One of Sarosh’s recordings just come on, sigh.


Moooving onnnn.


“Stockholm Syndrome” by Blink 182 !


[Mark] “I’m so Lost,

I’m barely here,

I wish I could explain myself but words escape me,

It’s too late to save, It’s too late, you’re too late;

You’re cold with disappointment, While I’m drowning in the next room,

The last contagious victim of this plague between us,

I’m sick with apprehension, Crippled by exhaustion,

& I dread the moment when you finally come & kill me”


Awesome lyrics.




“Points of Athourity” by Linkin Park .. I remember listening to this specific track from their DVD Live in Texas, I swear it was the closest I could get to themm. >.<


“You live what you’ve learned”


“Give me a novacaine” by Green Day – okay honestly, this song is the reason why I wanted to try drugs since the 7th grade.


“Out of body & out of mind,

kiss the demons out of my dreams

I get the funny feeling that’s alright

Jimmy says that it’s better than in air”


“Give me a long kiss goodnight & everything’ll be alright,

Tell me I won’t feel a thing,

So give me novacaine”


Damn my Mountain Dew is all warmm nowww. This sucks !


“What goes around” by J. Timberlakeeeee

I only like it after the first 5:30 seconds !


“The world is black” by Good Charlotte – omg it hurts to sit for this long !


Okay I skipped to ‘Blue Sunshine’ by Blue October – practically the most depressing band I’ve ever listened to, reminds me of too much sadness & pain & mental illnesses that have no cure. That’s just what makes them so good. They’re so unique like that.


“I sleep the sadness that no one else sleeeps” – mann they’re goood.

Woohoo I see civilization ! & it’s passing my by ..


“Blue Sunshine, I’ve got no vacancies,

At the top of the clock was Jesus spying on me,

I spoke of friends ‘point me which direction’

I tried to bribe of when I died, he swore he’d never mention,

I kicked & screamed, it’s sin for you I sing

The day hath take you, you’ll be sleeping you won’t feel a thing//”


Dying is filled with so much helplessness. You can’t get out of it even if you want to.


“Make out club” by Gym Class Heroes LMFAO !

The lyrics were so funnny !


“Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap ! Khalid introduced me to this over a year back// this song got Sarosh to forgive me over something I don’t know. xP


“A moment. A love. A Dream. A laugh. A kiss. A cry. Our Rights. Our Wrongs” – this line specifically. [At this point I sighed out loud]


“A world so cold” by Mudvayne .. mmm the last 30 seconds are just pure heaven.


Aww “Teenager in Love” cover by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was so true everytime something happened with Sarosh.


“..Each time we have a quarrel,

It almost breaks my heart

cuz im so afraid, we might have to part,


Each night I ask the stars up above

why must I be a teenager in love?


One day I feel so happy,

the next day I feel so sad

I guess I’ll have to learn, the good with the bad..


I cried tears, for nobody but you,

I’d be the lonely one, if you should say we’re through

& if you wanna make me cry, that won’t be so hard to do

& if you say goodbye, I’d still go on loving youu.. ”


I can’t believe this song was written decades ago !


“Rain” by Breaking Benjamin – it was pretty sad too.


On a side note, my butt hurts from sitting this long ! =|


“Beautiful World” by Coldplay !

AJ gave it to me, kinda suits him haha, with all the optimism he has.


“Cut without the E” by Taking back Sunday .. mm I used to love this band’s randomness !


“Animal I’ve become” by 3 days Grace – Adam was hoooooot in this video !


“Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can’t control myself!”


“Are friends Electric?” by Gary Numan – I love the dude’s Brit accent, & the song is pretty old but was featured in NFS Carbon I think.


“There’s a knock at the door,

& just for a second I thought I remembered youu” – weirdd but love it !


Oh hey Civilization againn !


“So I open the dooor,

it’s the friend I left in the hallway” – reminds me of Salad Fingers, aka creepiest shit out there on the internet !


“You know I hate to ask, are friends Electric?

Mine burned down, & now I have no one to love” – SOO SALAD FINGER-ISH !


“This is the new shitt” by Marilyn Mansonn, love this band !

I’m not deranged OR a devil worshipper -.-

but love their songs !


“Are you mfing ready, for the new shit ?!

Stand up & pledge or I’m never coming

this is the new shit,

stand up & pledge !

Do you hate it [nooo!]

Do you want it [yesss!]


25 km till Dammam  !


“Sub Bhula Kay” by Call .. I used to hate them when this song came out – I was so loyal to E.P at that time haha, but then they had talent that’s for sure so I ended up loving them too. Though they kinda suck right now. I mean seriously they should be making awesome seriousness not play around & make happy songs – that doesnt’ work for the Paki crowd !


“Enter the Cage” by Adema !

Random fact, replacing the ‘A’ in Adema with an ‘O’ turns it into a disease where water accumulates in the body. Odema !

Anyhow, AJ send this song to me too, loved it ever since !


Oh a board was pointing towards the right road to go to Bahrainnn ! Not bad – anyhow finally in Dammam now ! Good to be back !


“Take me home” by After Midnight Project;


“I’m sorry I can’t love you, I’m sorry I can’t, make you see, who I am”


“Unknown Solider” by Breaking Benjamin


“Nevermind, Turn back time,

You’ll be fine,

I will get left behind;

Show me what it’s like,

to dream in black & white,

So I can leave this world behind”


I made a blogpost about this 2 years ago, this song was amazing.


“Liberate” by Disturbed .. the first 20 seconds reminds me ‘Kahan hai tou’ by E.P .. probably got inspired by them.

the video for ‘Shayad’ by Call was pretty much a copy of ‘Stupify’ by the Disturbed so no surprise there.


“History” by Funeral for a Friend – love the chorus !


“Archers in your arches,

Press your fingers for a salute,

& Bleed this skyline dry,

your history is mine”


Finally in Khobarr !

I missed homee !

Probably gonna take a shower once I reach home, & then watch the match [not gonna miss what remains]


“Forgotten” by Avril !

Why did she have to suck so bad now ?!


“Jesus of Suburbia” – I could probably listen to this over & over again – it’s about 9 minutes long but it’s soo goood, loved it since 2005 !


“To Fall in, to fall in debt,

to alcohol & ciggerettes,

& Mary Jane, to keep me insane,

doing someone elses cocaine!”


See what I mean about them making me want to do drugs?


“My goodbyes” by Saliva !

I love it so much still !


Okay so now we just crossed the navy compound & are right outside my compound .. FINALLY !


I think I’ll say goodbye now – the laptop says it’s only got 10% battery left .. sigh. Need to get a new battery.


Anyhow laterrrrr ! x


P.S : Funny, I started & ended this post with Saliva – full circle much ?



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