Peace or Annihilation ?

Is there a way out of the mind ?
The derangement, the insanity ?
The horrors we inclose within,
The Eternal maze that leaves us exhausted ?

Memories locked within it are immortal, undying;
Unforgotten & forever haunting,
There is no escape.
No escape except Death itself.

There is an empty void outside our mind,
A bleak abyss;
This is no resurrection of man or his memories.

Ask yourself,
in the end, what will you choose ?
An early escape ?
Or a lifetime of servitude in a land where your past is set free ?

Ask yourself,
With the pistol shaking in your hand, as your blood runs cold;
Take a stand for your existence, your entity.

What is more precious to you ?
Surviving on false hope till death takes pity on you ?
Or will you light up the walls & pull the trigger ?

Set things in motion.
You do not have forever.

Ask me.
Ask your mind.
I’m giving you someone to talk to.
Hello ?


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