Inqilaab kaisay aye ga ?

When I first saw this video, it made me laugh, mostly because of the way this dude [Zohair Toru] was talking because c’mon let’s face it, it’s pretty funny the way he was talking & the last line “mera bhai garmi mein kharab ho raha hai!” made me laugh out loud – seriously, who says that ?!

That aside, his message was exactly what we all feel – & that confused me, apparently he’s the new desi meme & it didn’t make sense since his message had nothing worth pointing out except the occasional lines here & there, infact he’s doing what everyone else should be doing too – trying to bring about change, revolution in whatever way is possible.

He’s a Tehreek-e-Insaaf follower, & you know what? Good for him. I may not know much about Imran Khan or his movement, but atleast he’s causing kids from one of the better families in Pakistan to take a stand.

Translated, this is what he said in his interview, & I totally agree with him;
“..See what is happening with our sisters and mothers in this demonstration.
We are all from good families.
We have come out on to the streets to raise slogans for Imran Khan.
We are being beaten by our own police. They’re pushing us. We have come for a revolution, for your country.
Every person here has come out of his house for this.
Who would do such demonstrations in such heat [otherwise]?
The police is shoving us, for what? For a foreigner? For Raymond Davis?
He caused such bloodshed in Lahore and ran away to his home.
See what is happening with Afiya Siddiqui.
Nobody has such justice. We have all come out on the streets. Our homes have curtains too.
Our women also do purdah. But when revolution requires it, every person in the home comes out on the streets.
[To off camera supporter] Am I lying? I’m saying the correct thing, right?
Everyone comes out. Sir, look our own police is beating us, how can we bring about a revolution?
You tell me, you’re from the media. If you’re with us, only then will the revolution come about. If the police don’t beat us up, only then will the revolution come about.
Now look at Imran Khan. What need does he have for this, he’s a very rich man.
He’s standing up there on the stage and addressing people and even he is getting pushed around. Everyone’s getting pushed left, right and centre. This brother here, he’s totally sapped by the heat. Do we have any need of coming here?..”

Look, all I’m saying is to the people who’re making fun of him – what the fuck are you guys doing?
Fine, he talked funny, & he was making a big deal about protesting in the heat – but what about you ?!
You guys are comfortably sitting at home, reading blogs/youtubing videos about him & then commenting on how he’s not doing anything for the country, that rallying out in the sun won’t help, & that if he cares so much about his metaphorical mothers/sisters, he should go help them instead of complaining about their safety.

Seriously people – he’s just trying to prove the exact same point here – that the ladies are out there protesting even if they feel unsafe because they love their country more than being paranoid. That’s patriotism in real life – sitting behind a computer screen & complaining about how he’s not doing a good job at bringing about a revolution won’t do anything cause’ guess what? you’re just one more reason why our country cannot change.

& to the people who’re saying that Zuhair knows no other reality & that being shoved by the police & standing in the heat is new for him – well ofcourse it is – THAT IS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT. He’s pointing that out clearly by saying stuff about how people from good families are out here & that even rich people like Imran Khan are worried about the state of Pakistan – but what the fuck are you guys doing sitting at home & criticizing him for trying ?

& if he’s complaining about being beaten up by the police for raising his voice against Davis, then he has every right to do so. Making fun of him for that is inhuman.  Seriously, would you like it if you got shoved around by the police if you protested to bring Justice in Pakistan ? When did complaining about this become a sign of weakness, of human progression into emasculation?  Does it appease you to see women being shoved by men as they’re taking a stand for something ?

Agreed that he IS disconnected from the ‘aam awaam’ in Pakistan, & that he can’t even comprehend the problems normal people in Pakistan face, but looking at you guys, I’m pretty sure he knows more than you do – atleast he’s not the one waiting for someone else to march forward for his future, he’s doing it himself.

We all know that rallying onto the open roads won’t bring about a change, but he’s doing what he’s been told to do – frustration for a better future for his country can make people do stuff that may normally look stupid, but hey, atleast they’re trying to highlight the matter at hand right?

Is that what all these blogs and tweets and calls for change are about? some kind of redemption for our inaction and malaise? Oh yeah, we didn’t go on to the streets, but fuck yeah we wrote a whole lotta words and sure inspired some of those people that got shot.

Lastly, I’ll leave you guys to ponder over a small ‘shair’ written by Illama Iqbal;

اٹھو میری دنیا کے غریبوں کو جگا دو..”
کاخ امرا کے در و دیوار ہلا دو
جس کھیت سے دہقاں کو میسّر نہ ہو روزی
“..اس کھیت کے ہر خوشہ گندم کو جلا دو


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