#8 things.


1. First Song I heard on the radio: ‘Just Lose it’ by Eminem, hands down. Made school mornings seem like fun.

2. Song that Most Reminds me Of my Childhood Home: ‘Give me Novocaine’ by Green Day. It has that reassuring feel to it.

3. First Song I hear when I feel relieved : Well, the last time I felt really relieved was in 2008, came back home & listened to “Zombie Eaters” by Ill Nino.

4. Our Song: It probably has to be, “Safe, Sound” by Trespassers William. It’s sad, melancholy, yet beautiful.

5. Define Your Decade: ‘1979’ by The Smashing Pumpkins.

6. Class of 2011: “Our Little Group Has Always Been & Always Will Until Then End” || ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana.

7. First Album You Owned: First rock album has to be ‘Meteora’ by Linkin Park – simple times, simple music, made everything seem perfectly in sync.

8. First Live Performance: Haven’t had the chance to see a live performance as of yet, but can’t wait !

inspired by Magpie-girl.

**I was supposed to publish this 2 years ago, finally got around to doing it.


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