Sleep Makes Waves.

A sea of emotions,
The lingering pain,
In search of a reflection,
As I try to abstain,
From thinking of you,
Of what could’ve been.

These thoughts that haunt,
Leave me stranded,
Alone & unloved,
So completely abandoned.

I try not to drown,
To swim past these fears,
Find an asylum,
& hide out there,
Until all this blows over,
Until I can stand,
Until I can face it,
Until I understand.

So I need a savior,
I thought it would be you,
I mistakenly lapsed into trusting you.

But now, the deed’s been done,
There is no cure,
What I once was, exists no more.

I am but a hollow shell of my past,
A deadened tone, a silent scream,
Echoing through this land of dreams.

I exist only within your mind,
A memory of what has been,
To remind you for eternity,
Of the mistake that you made.

*first attempt at writing a poem that actually rhymes .. it kinda sucks but still thought I’d put it up. xP 


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