Note to everyone.

It’s not like I’m being given a choice honestly, Saudi has no medical university for foreign students, outside Saudi I have the whole world to apply to except the good places are all expensive. Then I’m left with Pakistan that is full of dangers but it still has family & friends there & isn’t exactly expensive,& my dad can afford it.

On the whole, the only thing I CAN do at this point is either, stop studying after 12th grade, sit at home & do nothing, or apply to some foreign medical university, make sure my parents suffer the consequences of paying TONS of dollars just for an undergraduate degree until I have to drop out in my 3rd year because my dad can no longer afford my studies OR I can face Pakistan like the countless other overseas Pakistanis that go there every year for studying, try to look at the positive outlook of living there, & study in peace.

So yes, I have thought about this VERY clearly, & very thoroughly, I’m not stupid & I’m not being stubborn. I know everyone cares about what’ll happen to me when I go to Pakistan, because YES it’s a dangerous place & the people are assholes to one another normally, but then there are people like you who make everything better too. So I’m not afraid. Just tired of people arguing with me about this because this isn’t my personal choice – I was forced to make this choice IF I want to study medicine.


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