(Im)perfection Obsession.

This poem is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve come across recently. It’s vague, and nothing special .. but it’s melancholy  ambiance contrasts so much with it’s message that I’ve fallen in love with it.

“..I can feel the scent of your hair
everywhere, stronger than any artificial perfume

Nothing counts as more worth
than a glimpse of your smile
with that adorable odd canine tooth

your friend was right about your voice.

the stubble on your chin is subtle, reminding..
and I could write essays and operas simply describing
the bump on your nose

The very veins on the back of your hand appear to be
designed by the most generous deity

Every small imperfection is a contribution
I know youre no wonder of evolution
except you are, to me

forgive me for staring ..”


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