Mind. Frkkn. Blown.

Things I cannot get over after watching the Season Finale of True Blood :

01. Dead Marnie just got all up in  Lafayette’s body & killed Jesus.
02.  Steve Newlin is back. as a vampire.
03. Steve Newlin saw Jason naked.
04. Eric Northman said that Bill is a great king.
05. Sookie got asked out by Alcide.
06. Sookie left both Bill & Eric.
07. Pam didn’t mind being hugged.
08. Arlene sees Rene’s ghost.
09.  Eric & Bill killed Nan.
10. Debbie kills Tara.
11. Sookie kills Debbie.
12. Russell Edgington is back.

The last 15 minutes were a series of heart attacks. =|

Summer 2012 is going to be awesome !


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