Reason 101 why blogs can be important.

Okay since I can’t put the whole thing on twitter, I’m gonna write here. =P
Umm okay so like, in A level Biology we studied that once the girl reaches puberty, some of her primary oocytes complete their first meiotic division & form 2 haploid cells out of which 1 becomes a polar body & the other becomes a secondary oocyte & then this secondary oocyte starts a 2nd meiotic division but stops at metaphase II until it’s fertilized by a sperm where it completes the 2nd meiotic division & then produces a haploid ovum & a 2nd polar body & an ovum. Then the sperm nucleus fuses with the ovum & then a zygote is formed right?  so then this zygote undergoes mitotic division instead .. So there’s no way 2 sperms can fuse with one ovum at the same time cause’ that would be .. weird. =P

Do I make sense? I hardly remember what I studied but this is what I came up with .. =S


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