Why I’ll never become a dentist.

I always respected BDS as a profession, I mean it’s almost like becoming a doctor except you take a detour & end up specializing in fixing people’s teeth. But still it’s a pretty cool job if you like getting into people’s mouth & taking care of them.
I even considered it as a 2nd choice except after today I don’t think I can do it now.

Dentists are cool people but I don’t think I have it in me to be one because I don’t think I can deal with people unless they’re  sedated. I want to be a surgeon cause’ apart from the fact that you’re saving lives [not teeth], the person you’re going to be operating on will be under the influence of anesthesia [thank you anesthesiologists around the world] and if you DO make a mistake, the patient never finds out once it’s fixed.

I just never wanna be a dentist or an orthodontist – EVER.


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