We’re living in the 21st century where they say that the signs of sexism are degenerating because tolerance is being embraced almost everywhere. Even in third-world countries like Pakistan, where anti-sexism is ignored and not taken seriously at all, people in the higher social hierarchy seem to be more accepting to the idea that women are not to be suppressed and can most definitely accomplish the same mental & physical tasks that men can without faltering.
That being said, sexism is still very much rampant in our society, especially in rural areas but that is currently a lost cause’ & no amount of social media discussions can fix that for atleast a 100 years. However, I did expect better from the urbane families within Karachi atleast to be more open minded towards dealing with social freedom that girls deserve.
Let’s face it, most desi or Pakistani families focus on their daughters’ biological clock the minute she hits puberty. They want her married & out of the house – they don’t care whether or not she’s happy or what emotional turmoil they put her through – even their own mothers act indifferent because apparently, that’s what all mothers have been doing in their past generations since many decades.
If by chance the girl does survive not getting married when she’s not mature enough to enter such a serious relationship that she may be forced into [ie : 18 to 22 years of age], her parents start acting like she’s the biggest burden that they ever had to bear, thus wrongly guilting her into getting married to 1st rishta that comes along soon after.
My extended family is still better than that yet their lifestyle still lies along the borderline. My dad’s always been very open-minded about situations like these & he’s never made me feel like just because I’m a girl I can’t accomplish anything and that my future just has kids & marriage. If I have been stopped from doing something, it’s never because of my gender & the same rules apply to my brother. However, ever since I came to Pakistan, sexism seems to have surfaced for the 1st time in my life and as someone who’s never had to deal with being stopped from doing anything just because I’m a girl, it disgusts me that I’m being subjected to such tyranny on the basis of something that I cannot change for the life of me. But what really drives me insane is how my own mother doesn’t take a stand for me or what I believe in. Just because she was happy with being oppressed doesn’t mean that I’ll do the same because honestly, I’d rather die that be told that I can’t live life the way I legally can just because of my gender.
I don’t ask for much, I’m not asking to go around & be promiscuous or do anything illegal – but I need space & I need freedom because I don’t think anyone can survive being cooped up inside a cage & be told that ‘oh hey, this is your life like it’s meant to be’ because it clearly isn’t. No one has the right to enslave another person within rules that are illogical & insane to the point of mentally torturing the said person when he/she has done nothing wrong.


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