So What If It’s Just One Sentence That You Must Have Not Heard In A Song?

Now when a guy says he’s in love with her, she replies with a smile & a look in her eyes that shows she’s heard it all.
“I’m sorry, I just don’t believe it”.
She wants him to know that she really is sorry; he wants her to know he really does love her.
Sadly, she knows how the story goes – he’ll ask for a chance & she’ll relent but sooner or later it’ll end.
‘He’ll fall out of love & won’t realise it’  she thinks. She always knew. 
So she braces herself, for him to gently break it to her. 
But the day never comes.
She finally asks him, ‘why do you still hang around?’
& he simply says, ‘because I love you.’  
She wants to believe him, but she can’t, staying up all night asking herself, ‘what does he see in me?’ while he holds her. 
Even when he answers her, telling her that she’s everything he needs to be happy, it doesn’t put a stop to her constant fear of losing him.

Somethings just can’t be answered or explained, the fate of somethings can’t be discovered & sometimes, you just need to take the leap over & over again to get through for once.


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