Homage to Trespassers William.

“.. Give me your tightest arm;
Give me an ‘I love you’. 

I’ll stay awake all night, & blow your darker thoughts far from youu ..” – Love You More.

“.. Whistles through my bones;
Alone in a love, The one that we started,
The one that you ended with some words ..” –
Safe. Sound.  

 “.. Do I need to be in love? 
I’m lost when it’s just me,
With only a hope to make you happy enough to stay ..” –
My Hands Up.

“.. This is not the first time;
I’ve watched the end of the thing that had no end ..”
– What of Me. 

 “.. What if, the sound of my voice,
is the sound of your lovers’ voice? ..” –
& We Lean In.

“.. So what if it’s just one sentence,
that you may not have heard in a song,

Cause’ it’s too honest & flawed? ..” – In a Song.

“.. I love you more than I should, 
So much more than is good for me;
More than is good ..” – Lie in the Sound.

“.. So I will hum alone, too far from you; All that i say now is nothing to you.
 We will lie under different stars;
 I am where I am and you’re where you are ..” – Different Stars.

“.. Gentlest touch & sweetest sound,
Something you’ll run back in for when the house burns down ..” – Alone.

“.. Shut me eyes and feel your breath as you dance with me;
Forever’s just a word, But whisper it to me ..” – Just Like This.

“.. My love I’ve pictured this;
Your violet eyelids open to say ‘here is where you’ve been’ ..” – I know.

“.. I cannot promise any of the things I want to;
But I could not want this,
any fragment more than I do  ..” –

“.. Why am I so tired, exhausted in my love;
Water in my eyes, why am I not enough?  ..” – What Could I Say. 


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