My life in technicolour; how I made it.

Okay here’s a little update: I’m now officially  a medical student! The very thought makes me feel so accomplished & overwhelmed beyond understanding. Out of the 5 universities I applied to, I got selected at 2 & I obviously chose the better one, that being Bahria University; Hamdard probably has to be the worst university there, especially since it’s along the borderline of another province, is more than an hour’s drive from my house & most importantly, it was so not worth it. HMC was a dump, simply put. The students there were alright, but the staff there clearly wasn’t. Their building looked run down, & their hospital was somewhere else entirely & looked like an unkempt & abandoned, 2 -star hotel in the middle of the city.
But enough about HMC, I’d rather describe the awesomeness of MY university.
Bahria University is an amazing university that I absolutely fell in love with the 1st day I went to register there for their  entrance test. It’s big & it’s got everything I wanted. After my entrance test, I was completely sure that I wouldn’t get in because I sucked at the test. It was all FSc based AND it was the Federal Board which meant that shit was hard! Most of my answers were guesses & I skipped a few cause’ they even had negative marking – but apparently I was pretty good at it cause’ out of the 1st 400 students chosen out of 1000 students who qualified, I ranked #256!
So eventually I was called for the interview, which was pretty cool cause’ he gave me a lot of hope & ressuarances that I’ll probably get selected & that he had a gut feeling about this kinda things [Actually he said he was experienced, but this sounded cooler].
Anyhow so that was the 25th of October & I waited & waited, hearing rumours that the result was out & then calling them & finding out that this wasn’t the case. Then 1 day, when we called them, they said that they had already sent the letters to the 1st 100 students. That left me feeling worse because now my ranking didn’t matter at all .. & I started feeling sad because now there really wasn’t any hope. All other universities were almost about done with their admissions & I was left with nothing at all.
Then, on the morning of 12th November, I got a call from my mamii – she said she’d just gotten a call from Bahria & that they’ve sent me a letter as well. That was all I needed & I felt like I could breathe again. After 21 weeks of waiting, I was finally through, I’d made it! After that is history – how I got the bankdraft made & got the documents submitted. I was finally a 1st year medical student & it felt amazing. It still does. Just unbelievable!
But that isn’t all – the following weeks 2 of my highschool friends got into the MBBS programme with me! It was more than I’d expected; I’d been blessed!
& now that that’s over, I took the 1st direct flight from Karachi to Dammam & am currently chilling here. But that’s another story.


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