‘Blind Accidents’ by Anna-Lynne Williams.

So, I wrote down the lyrics to the poem written by Anna-Lynne Williams from Trespassers William, which was sung by Damien Jurado, here.  It’s just really beautiful, Indie music is just so touching. ❤

I’m sorry, if I hover near you.
Have you figured out, that my hand never falls anywhere.
That it’s where I have put it.
That in love there are no blind accidents.
If you knew.

If you knew.

Count the times we’ve bump our shoes.
The way my dreams make me fall into you.
But what then, am I to make of your tracing your fingers?
That I forgot for a moment, that I was beneath them.

The way you sent me your scent, past all of the whiskey.
the way you would tell other people my story.

My love, my love, my love.

You have a beautiful man, but if you do,
then you must remember that I was falling in love with you.


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