Where in the world is Mariyam?

Okay, so I haven’t been around much since the entire last week starting from Wednesday because all of it, down to today has been absolutely amazing. So I’m finding time to write about this at 3 a.m in the morning here because I’m hella busy tomorrow too. ^.^

It all started off with me going back to school with 5 of my classmates [without informing the administration] to hangout with a few leftover friends in the familiar corridors where we’d spent our senior year at. Apparently that didn’t really sit too well with the school & we ended up outside the principals office for the next 2 hours waiting for our dads to pick us up. In those 2 hours, we got yelled at by 4 major teachers who repeatedly told us how we don’t belong to the school & that we are no longer their responsibility [they enjoyed it], got access to the wifi connection in the admin building the entire time [from where we logged on to facebook to bitch about the school] & then got home early. The best bit about the whole incident was that none of the parents [save Wania/Nastaran’s dad] actually came to pick us up & so none of the other families found out about the major trouble we’d all gotten into.

Ah, if only they knew.

After I got home, took a nap, I ended up spending the remaining day with 1 of my oldest bestfriends in Saudi [bestfriend #2], who’s been with me for the last 10 years which was absolute bliss since we’d been waiting to meet ever since I left for Pakiland in the 1st place. Since Nafia’s an Indian, Saudi’s the only neutral ground where we can hangout at so we spent the entire day at my place, & then the last half an hour at her compound since I had to drop her back.

Thursday’s a haze but I do remember going for my 1st long walk with Hera [bestfriend #1] & discussing [mostly gossiping] about her highly eccentric khaandaan in Hyderabad with the extremely chill air blowing us back as we got calls to get home after midnight. I also got into trouble for being out that late which made me feel so badass & rebellious. xD

Friday I hung out with my namesake, Mariiam [bestfriend #3] at Hera’s place where we spent the entire day in, just catching up with whatever’s happening – which is something I’ll miss next year cause’ these hangouts with only the both of them are my all time favorite.

Saturday was my Skype day where I actually spent 10 hours talking to people [just 2 actually] with whom I had to catch up on for months. One of them was Khalid who is actually one of my closest friends & with whom I’d been planning a long skype call for more than a year since we’re always so busy with life so it  was so totally worth the time cause’ it’ll be close to impossible to manage that in Pakistan with my family around, cause’ well – they sorta make a big deal out of it.

Sunday was this surprise one-dish at my place, where all my school friends showed up. Needless to say, it was awesome cause’ basically with my compound being so huge & empty, we practically sang on the top of our lungs at night outside all these houses [sounding horrible btw] like we’d been cut off at the local pub & were drunk as hell – I kid you not; we were delirious. The sad part though was that all left pretty early cause’ it was a work/school night but it was something I’d been   wanting ever since I went to Pakistan since they’re the people I’d spent my last year at school with & I didn’t wanna let go of them so soon.

Everyone had to be blurred. Don't ask.


Monday I invited Mariiam to my place again so that we’d head over to MoD for a little bit of shopping. So we ended up hanging out at my place this time, waiting for my dad to come home. We went out for a walk first & around later that evening we ended up going to the Mall while my dad played these super old songs in the car [oh the agony].  I got a couple of jeans & then we had dinner at my favorite Pizza parlor in all of Saudi – The Pizza Company. The best bit was that since it was a weekday, the entire place was almost empty & my favorite booth was available this time – so it was my last hangout with these two in Saudi for the whole of my life, which left me feeling pretty sad & the feeling wouldn’t go away at all.

Tuesday, I went out with Hera for a super long walk where we ended up taking pictures [which I’ll put up soon enough] of 1 half of the compound which was on my ‘must do this before I leave for Pakistan’ list right at the top.

& finally, Wednesday [which is today] my parents went out & got me whatever I needed while I slept in till 3 p.m .. I tried spending this day with them, because I’m gonna miss them all a lot when I’m gone even when I say I won’t.

So I’ve basically come full circle, & I’m too tired to write anymore since it’s 4:40 a.m now. Ergo, I’m not even gonna give this post a proper ending. Everyone’ll get the right idea anyway.


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