I blab just to keep this blog running.

Okay so I know I’m a week late but HAPPY TWO ‘o’ TWELVE to everyone reading this! [which is basically no one at all -rolls eyes-]

So anyhow, where have I been?
Well basically, I’ve been drowning in studies – like a whole lot of them. There’s basically Biochemistry, Physiology & Anatomy but it’s still a lot. I feel guilty that I haven’t started studying on the weekend yet – I’ve gotta cover waaaay too much in Anatomy cause’ I find it the toughest. All the anatomical terms, positions & planes sorta fly over my head [yes, pun intended] so that’ll take a whole day to cover.
Besides that? Umm, let’s see. Ever since I started university, I’ve been fearing ragging. It’s nothing big, I know. But it’s just the fear that something bad can happen to you any second that kills you slowly.
Also – the seniors look at you like you’re their prey so you gotta hide all the time, especially if you’re someone like me.
I’ve been saved from ragging atleast 7-8 times now [I’ve lost count], & it’s miraculous. 0.0
I’ve been cornered, almost locked in with the rest of the class, circled, followed & have been talked into being taken some place that’s ragging-savvy, & needless to say, I’ve survived each & everytime – & I feel like a frkkn survivor now. 😀
Other than that – the adrenaline rush I have everytime I play hide & seek with the seniors is sorta exhilarating .. & kinda scary, but mostly exhilarating.

Apart from that I miss home so much – I love KHI, & everything that it has to offer, but it’s not the same like it was in Saudi – that was heaven! Everything in that small compound that was my world was absolute bliss for me. I’m not being unthankful or anything – I know I’d be unhappy if I was stuck in Saudi not studying medicine, but I was relaxed there atleast. Plus, no parents & none of my old friends here kinda sucks – I can’t relate to people here either. I mean, they’re all nice people, yeah – but they’re not the type of people I usually get along with.

Okay so yeah, I know this new year post looks like a downer – but isn’t. I know this year’ll get better & that everything will be fine in a few months – but the beginning of this year seems very lonely since I feel like I have no one except just a few.

I’m gonna drop the sad realizations for now & I’m gonna talk about something more worthwhile like how I have to catch up on The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother AND start Game of Thrones & The Tudors. [Yes, I’m obsessed with the Anglo Saxon period].
Yeah, I’m pretty bored – so I’m talking about nothing. Which is something.
Oh & I’m also planning on learning how to start the fire stoves here, though I’m deathly scared of fire & it totally sucks cause’ that means I can’t make any food for myself [I’ve lived all my life with an electric stove/oven].

Also – it’s soo hot in KHI again!
Yeah, fine, it’s about  22 degrees & it’s not as hot as 40 degrees in the summer but it’s STILL hot considering it’s frkkn January! I think I’ll move to some place cold, like Siberia for once. I mean that place is beautiful when it snows & ofcourse it’s cold there. xD
Plus, I want an excuse to make hot chocolate to drink before I sleep .. it’s a bad idea when it’s already hot. :\

Anyhoww .. I think I’m done blabbing here. Laterrrrr.


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