5 minutes in my mind. :}

Hey, look at me, I’m a 1st year medical student on the brink of her 1st CAT exams & I’m sitting here, infront of my laptop watching The Big Bang Theory. I have to revise the skeletal system, along with the respective muscles but I’d rather waste away like this.

Okay, I thought writing this out would bring me to shame but it’s not working.  >.<

Maybe I should’ve chosen a career in English Literature.
Or maybe I just need more holidays.
Why is the weekend ending ?!
2 days are soo not enough for me .. crap, I had to revise so much more.
I want to sleeep. Why is it so hot again in Karachi? Why won’t it rain?!
It’s raining in Lahore AND in Dammam & it’s cold there too .. damn.

Basically, I’m writing this post because I’m telling myself I’m doing something productive when I’m REALLY not – stop kidding me, brain, I see what you’re trying to do. You’re stalling me & it’s not cool.

Oh, that ” :} ” emoticon in the heading? I think it’s super cute, like a drooling baby, so I put it in though it really makes no sense.
I’ll end this post with a picture of a 22-inch pizza, cause’ umm. I’m not entirely sure why.

Sometimes, I can be tacky enough to take pictures with my food.



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