I mentioned the word, “cytoskeleton” 8 times in this post. -.-

Okay, I’m currently in the midst of making a much delayed concept map-esque flow chart on the eukaryotic cytoskeleton. Normally, I wouldn’t make a post about something so insignificant, but the cytoskeleton & I have an unpleasant past history.

For starters, the cytoskeleton was hardly mentioned in my O levels, but I can let that go since O levels doesn’t really count after a point. But in my A levels, the cytoskeleton was placed under the sub-heading of ‘microtubules’ – which too I ended up skipping since they didn’t have much to mention except during the cell cycle, plus it didn’t have any specific mention in the syllabus either. So basically, until the first 16 years of my life, I existed happily without knowing WHAT the cytoskeleton is, & I was happy that way.

So finally, we come to present, where I, in my 1st month at med school was given the most boring assignment in the history of cell organelles – the cytoskeleton. It took me days to write that shit down, & I mentioned all the references I used as well for writing a 3 page long essay on the functions, diseases, & importance of this one, lonely topic & I only got a measly 4.5 out of 10. Fair enough – I didn’t really like the cytoskeleton anyway & I was glad it was behind me when suddenly I witness myself land a damn concept map – A FRKKN CONCEPT MAP on something as ridiculous as the cytoskeleton. Seriously, FML.
Not only is making a concept map on this hard, it’s impossible! I have to cover up the defect of  this task by making it look like a concept map under the guise of a flowchart – & I despise flowcharts. I remember making them in the 9th grade, & they were the reason why I had dropped I.T in my O levels.

So I’m stuck with this topic, & not surprisingly, if the professor asks me to explain my “concept map” to everyone, I’ll have nothing to say cause’ I’m not even sure how I’ll start explaining something I don’t understand.
Did I mention why I have a problem with this topic? It’s cause’ we didn’t cover this particular concept in any of the lectures or interactive sessions.

There's stuff on the back too. smh.

Ugh. Okay, I feel sorta better.


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