Welcome to my geek side, I have Lord of the Rings.

Well basically a couple of days back, when I was coming home from university, I thought about how I was actually in university & that too in a field I liked it & being the LOTR geek that I am, I couldn’t help but find myself desperately trying to fit into the silhoutte of what I remembered LOTR to be like & this is how I pictured myself [& everyone who’d been in the madness of those 5 months with me] to resemble with characters from the epic story.

Especially when they're travelling alone.

I was Frodo, & Hera was Sam, & my A level books were Gandalf the White, while Saruman was horrid Inter.
Aragon was the prior knowledge I had about everything we were studying, Grima Wormtongue was my fear of failing. The Shire represented Saudi Arabia & all the other Hobbits represented everyone I knew who were completely oblivious to my sufferings & had no idea what I was going through. The Grey Havens were ofcourse, the university admissions that I ultimately ended up with, & Hera being Sam, ended up back in the Shire.

The reason why Gandalf the White represents my A level books is that, even when I had closed them all after the exams [which was just like the journey through the Mines of Moria where too many brave men fell], A level books defended me until some of them got lost [like how Gandalf sorta got lost battling the Balrog in the mines] & I was left alone for a while until I recovered them when I got new copies of my books [like how Gandalf the Grey returned as Gandalf the White] & I had new hope.
Saruman represents the Inter books because initially he was supposed to be an ally for Frodo & Sam in destroying the ring but -surprise surprise- since he thought he was better than Gandalf just cause’ he had more written knowledge on everything & had become close to the Dark Lord [like how people think Inter is better than A levels just cause’ it’s got more written stuff on things we don’t really need like the anatomy of a cockroach & how you need to study Inter for university admissions cause’ the silly admission people like Inter better] he kinda turned on the good guys & became evil & shit.
Then Aragon was my prior knowledge since, like how without Aragon, Frodo couldn’t have made it to Mordor, I honestly couldn’t have made it past the entrance tests everywhere if I didn’t remember all of the stuff I had already studied during my A levels & infact, even right now, some of the stuff we’re studying in 1st year medical is sorta old to me since we already covered a whole lot of it in A levels – so technically, it’s just like how Aragon, even after he became king of Gondor, helped out the hobbits even when the fellowship had ended.

Then Grima Wormtongue, the ugly little guy who was poisoning the mind of the King of Rohan, reminded me of my fear of failing just cause’ he was Saruman’s henchman AND also cause’ he’d act all pervy and haunt Eowyn’s steps when she used to be alone in the castle. So basically, being Saruman’s henchman, he was in my life, a thorn in my side, constantly worrying me everytime I thought about studying Inter books for my tests, & the fear haunted me for months.

Then, Hera [my bestfriend] represented Sam cause’ she was the reason I kept pushing forward even when I wanted to just give up, & the last scene where Frodo decided to act like a whiny little bitch & wanted to keep the ring & got jumped up on by Gollum, guess who saved his ass? That’s right, it was Sam. & Gollum [that skinny little creature who kept going on & on about ‘his precious’] – represented my desire to procrastinate, because I’d rather relax than study for admission tests.

My desire to procrastinate is sorta ugly.

I would’ve continued imagining that my life was one big LOTR remake, except then I ended up at my doorstep & forgot all about this until today. Yes, I have untame-able imagination when it comes to picturing myself being all heroic & shit. I’m awesome like that.


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