Sinfully delicious. <3

Okay so it was a friend’s birthday a few days back, me& I really wanted to do something for him cause’ well, I thought it’d be sweet. ^.^

I thought & thought & finally decided to send him something he’d really like – like maybe cupcakes from a place he personally liked. So I looked up Emaan’s Cakes which was apparently his favorite designer bakery & called them up & placed an order for fudge cupcakes cause’ I knew he’d like them & I was pretty excited cause’ I was actually going to surprise him – except that didn’t happen. -.-
Basically, much much later I found out that they deliver around 7-8 pm & since I was gonna send it to him at work, he would be at home by then so I ended up changing the address & sending it one of my other friend’s instead cause’ he eventually found out when I tried to ask him his house address & then he explicitly told me not to send him anything [ for which I was pretty mad at him for the whole day >.<] & then when she finally got them, she BBM’ed me the picture & they were so adorable!

Seeing the picture made me even angrier with him for not letting me send them to over but then we talked it out & everything got better [cause’ he apologized. xD].
So the next day, my friend brought the cupcakes to university & we’d decided to share them between a few of us – they all ate their share while I was saving mine for later except someone stole them. I kid you not, someone came into the reception, picked up the cupcake box, & left. Just like that.
The worst part was how they kept talking about how heavenly these cupcakes were & I never even got to taste them, and I paid for them all – the entire thing cost me about rs. 1400. =\
I tried looking for the bright side to all of this, & then I realized, there was none. FML.


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