My deadliest foe. [dedicated to my mum ^.^]

When it comes to eating, I can be extremely choosy. I only like a handful of things, & dal chawal is NOT one of them, not even by a long shot.

So, as a personal reminder, I started this badly hand-drawn Paint comic back in December 2010, but got too lazy to finish it & forgot all about it until today. So here’s an ode to one of my oldest enemy;

Comic 1

Comic #2.

comic #3.

Comic #4.

Comic #5.

Comic #6.

Comic #7.

Comic # 8.

Comic #9.

I’m not sure if people can relate to this, especially since I know waaay too many people who like dal chawal, but I just don’t – it makes me sick to the stomach after eating it so I avoid it ALL THE TIME, though I still end up eating 1/3rd of my portions cause’ that’s just how it works.
I can promise myself that once I become a mother, this will never be cooked in my house for my kids unless I want to punish them [& they should know how lucky they are].

& the reason why I went through so much trouble drawing these out & putting them up here? I’ve been told to write in my blog more often, that’s why. [so it’s partially because of Saaaad. :P]


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