The Knight & the Dragon.

There was once a dragon who was actually pretty big and scary looking except he really wasn’t. All he really liked doing was to sit in his cave, knit woollen sweaters, cook some veggies [he was a proud vegetarian] and watch the villagers go about their day since back then there was no other entertainment and this was all the reality TV a dragon could get.

He was a pretty nice dragon but he had no friends because all the other dragons were mean & used to steal things from the villagers all the time, so he was a little lonely.

So one day, he was just laying around in his cave being lazy when suddenly a knight appeared & challenged him to a fight. The dragon being really nice & all declined & told him he wasn’t that type of dragon & that if the knight was interested, he could stay back & have some delicious mashed potatoes for supper cause’ it was getting late & it a long way down the cave. The knight got angry & demanded that the dragon fight with him because he had climbed all the way to the top of the mountain & his feet hurt & he didn’t want to go home without his fight. The dragon again declined except the knight threw an angry tantrum & started poking the dragon with his sword in his tummy, but it just tickled the dragon who tried not to laugh out loud. Finally the knight got tired of poking & went home angrily.

Back at the village everyone asked him why he hadn’t fought the dragon yet, so the knight just said that the dragon was a big cry-baby who didn’t know how to fight & everyone started laughing at the dragon & started calling him a loser.

When the dragon heard that he got really sad because he had been really nice to the knight & the villagers too so he couldn’t understand why everyone would call him such mean names & he began crying loudly because he felt unloved & misunderstood.

When the villagers heard all the crying coming from the top of the mountain cave, they got worried & they sent the same tired knight to go ask what happened, because the villagers weren’t really bad people.

So the knight went & asked why the dragon was crying & after a lot of questions, the dragon told him that he was hurt that he was called such mean names & that all he wanted was to be nice to everyone. This made the knight feel really bad & he apologized for poking the dragon & they made up.

The knight then invited the dragon down to his village where everyone apologised to the dragon & told him he was the nicest dragon they’d ever met [which was true].

So in the end, the knight & the dragon became really good friends & he even spent the night at the dragon’s cave where he slept inside one of the huge cozy wollen sweaters & ate the delicious mashed potatoes the dragon had promised. The knight had a nice time with the dragon who proved to be great company, & they stayed the best of friends for the rest of their life.

The End. 😀

*1st attempt at writing a happier story because I was told by someone to try it. :Pf


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