Me, Inside.

That sinking feeling, that unbearable sinking feeling that everything is gonna fall apart sooner or later & that there’s no stopping it. It’s a horrible feeling where you feel helpless & you know that no matter how many people are with you, you’re still inconsolably alone & isolated when it comes to facing all of what’s breaking apart. At the end, it’s just you & those never-ending thoughts in your head, & your attempts to act normal infront of everyone out of fear that you’ll be further isolated.
There is no cure for the pain, it’s just there & it’ll hurt you every single day for as long as you care, dimming with intensity but it’ll always remain. Nothing, absolutely nothing can help you, all you have to do it give yourself time. The very thought kills you inside but you still live; it’s torturous to no ends.
All losses are unbearable because you get attached so easily & coping without them is hard, especially if it’s a person. There are no words of consolation to give or to take in situations like these. You are, alone in the the most modest sense & you just need to accept defeat.


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