Reason why I’d choose Pakistan over Saudi. :D

Okay so I just came back from one of the best ‘sneak out & not tell anyone at home’ hangouts today & I’m so happy that I’m even bothering writing a post about it here. 😀


So basically, Me & my friends Azka & Mona & her boyfriend Sarim made a plan to go out of university after the anatomy OSPE/Viva for a movie & then a lunch at Arizona Grill before heading back to the university before my driver comes, cause’ I’m sorta not allowed to go anywhere & if my family found out that I’d been to Zamzama, Defence, Saddar, North Nazimabad, Society, Clifton OR even the fact that I’d stepped out of university without telling them, it would unleash HELL. Seriously not kidding.


So we were all kinda excited except we found out that the movie starts at 1:30 & ends at 4:30 AND that it’s an Indian movie & not that I have anything against Indians, it’s just that I hate their films & movies, so we thought & thought & we finally decided to go to Zamzama instead to try Butler’s Chocolate Cafe, cause’ I’d been DYING to go there. 

Since Sarim couldn’t come into Azka’s car cause’ he’s a guy [sexist, sexist world] the poor guy had to come by taxi all the way to Zamzama while the rest of us went with Azka, & he couldn’t even come in at the same time as us since Azka’s driver & guard might see him so we had to make him wait outside the cafe. xD

So we had milkshakes at Butler’s & tried their cake & then decided to go to Arizona except we felt too full .. so we decided to cut towards Zero Degrees instead for Sheeshaa. 

Zero Degrees was pretty cool, & omgosh their sofas were so comfortable, I didn’t wanna get up! So we decided & thought we’d order sheesha but then we thought we’d save it for last & we’d have lunch instead .. but by the time we were done with lunch there was no way we were trying sheesha & we decided to save it for another hangout .. Also there was this ‘forever alone’ moment when Azka’s boyfriend showed up, & Sarim & Mona were there together & I felt so completely weird cause’ my boyfriend wasn’t there & I was like :\

Anyhow so Azka’s boyfriend left after meeting-up & then we were supposed to go back home except we decided to go to Seaview cause’ I’d never been there .. So we stopped outside McDonalds & walked towards the seaside except we soon learnt that it was a BAD idea – my hair went absolutely crazy in the wind. -.- 

To get out of the beach we decided to go to Dolmen City cause’ I was really curious about what it looked like .. but Sarim decided to go home instead so it was just Azka, Mona & I at the end. All we did at the end was tour as much as we could of Dolmen before Azka dropped me & Mona back at university. 

The best bit was that my driver came 5 minutes AFTER I reached uni so he had NO idea I was out so he couldn’t tell anyone, also no one called to ask me where I was since I’d already told them I was gonna come home late from ‘university’. So basically I LIED. 😀


Also, this day was absolutely worth it because of how horrible the exam went today, it totally helped to just go out & enjoy. 

I wish I’d taken pictures, but I didn’t so all this post has is words .. but’s all good too .. Can’t wait to go somewhere again in a while. 😀


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