A little something I wish for.

I can’t wait to go back, I can hardly wait 6 more months. I want to see my family, I want to go back home, I basically just want to feel at ease.
Life here’s fine, not so bad compared to what a lot of people living here go through – but I was in heaven back there, there was just something so calming about my life there that’s missing now.
Sure, I have  a lot more fun, & I made some really amazing friends & stuff, but I still sorta yearn for those calming moments I was so used to; watching the sunrise, going out on late night walks, walking around MY house & allowing myself to do whatever I liked.
Sigh, so now, I have approximately about  6 months, 1 week & 4 days to go .. feels so long, I can only hope I be patient because it’s been so long since I last felt at peace with myself.


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