My all-time favourite ways to procrastinate.

Okay, so I love procrastinating – it’s just that simple. I like putting things off till tomorrow, to just do nothing at all until it’s absolutely crucial. It’s got this relaxing touch to it, something that an obsessive, compulsive worrier like myself needs to do on a daily basis to remain sane, even if it’s ironic sometimes in comparison to what I say.

So starting from #1, I have;

1. Sleeping.
Oh god, I love sleeping. If they ever had a marathon that measured how long a person could stay in bed for & not get up, I think I’d win. It’s just absolute bliss; the drowsiness & exhaustion is like the foreplay of sleeping. I love keeping myself up, to the point where I can no longer keep my eyes open & then sleep like I don’t have to wake up for days. It’s probably the best feeling ever especially during the weekends where I know I can stay in bed even after getting up & lie underneath the covers until late afternoon.
So basically, when I REALLY don’t wanna do something, I use sleeping as a means of escaping, because it’s just that failproof AND then I also get to enjoy & get happy that I slept for so long.

I could just sleep on that red couch all day long. ❤

Guilt level : 0.
Happiness level: ∞.

2. Talking to people.
I’m extremely talkative. No shit, I can talk for hours with someone if I find the right things to say [& ofcourse, if they’re interested, I’m not crazy].  I love talking to people because it’s so interesting to hear what they have to say & how they react to different things, & then I like making up my own theories about what kind of people they are based on it. I use this as an excuse to tell myself that  since I’m a very social person, social life does not care about what tasks a person has left to do & I should seize every opportunity I have. It’s so fulfilling!

People just love me. 😛

Guilt level: 1-2.
Happiness level:  9.8.

3.  Doodling.
I love making silly drawings & writing my name all over my notes while I’m supposed to be studying – it’s so creative, or so I like to think .. I think I did some of my best work whilst intense study sessions, though I don’t think I can find any of them here. Ironically, sometimes I doodle when I don’t want to sleep either; I know, I’m very paradoxical.


Guilt level: 0.
Happiness level: 5-6.

4. Looking at my reflection.
No surprise there, I love myself. Looking at myself automatically makes me feel better – mostly just when I actually do look good, sometimes after I wake up & have no kohl & still look pretty damn sexy in my pjs [yes, I’m insanely narcissistic]. Sometimes, I’ll just look at my reflection & notice each & everything I like about myself & I can do that for HOURS. I’m obsessed with everything I am & sometimes I just search for mirrors when I don’t wanna open my textbooks.

Guilt level: 3.
Happiness level: 5-6.

5. Aimlessly browsing the internet.
I think almost everyone does this bit. I love just reading random stuff online. Articles, gossip, stalking people, reading online comics that I follow, reading up topics I’m supposed to be studying about. Currently I have tabs open ranging from something informational, right down to stuff I just want to look at for fun. The informational tabs are sorta just there to make me feel less guilty about procrastinating, works like a charm. 😛

I’m highly productive.

Guilt level: 7.
Happiness level: 5.

6. Daydreaming.
Daydreaming is like the best form of escape from reality, I can practically daydream about anything with anyone almost anywhere. It’s so wonderful, creating an alternate universe where everything’s just going perfect for you & you can ignore stuff you don’t like in it & not worry about bad stuff happening to you cause’ you’re so happy & everything’s so perfect & you can add or remove anyone you want from the story to make it seem so great. I love it.

Guilt level: 1-2.
Happiness level: 6-9.

So there you have it, 6 amazing ways to procrastinate effectively that I’ve been using for years. 😀


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