The Princess & The Knight.

Once there was this princess named Rosalie. She was a pretty nice princess & she loved being happy & she used to be pretty happy too except, like all princesses her age, she was sent off to live in a castle all alone until someone helped her break free. No one except her own family knew where she’d be sent to, & after she packed all her stuff & said goodbye, she was sent off to live in a huge, beautiful stone castle very far from home where she was supposed to spend the rest of her days in the highest tower far from everyone.

Even though she had everything she needed in the castle & had a dozen servants waiting on her, she missed everyone back home & used to cry about it for hours, because she just wanted things to be normal again.

Many months passed, & one day, this King from one of the neighbouring  kingdoms was out for a hunt when it started snowing heavily. Since he & his knights were so far from home, it would take them forever to go back so they decided to find the closest castle they could find to spend the night in. One of his knights was Sir Marcus, whom the king sent out to scour the lands in search for a hospitable place to stay at. Marcus then searched as far as he could go & found the same beautiful stone castle that Rosalie was staying at. When he asked if he could stay at the castle, the Princess sent a word through her servants that the King & his men were most welcome, but told them not to disclose the fact that she was living in the castle too, at the moment. She also said that the tower, towards the East of the castle was not to be entered under any circumstances by any of the guests.
That being said, Marcus agreed to the terms & led the rest of the men towards the castle. They all ended up spending a comfortable night there, after they were served food & given rooms to sleep in. The next morning however, they woke up & saw that it was still snowing & it was getting worse by the minute. The King realized it would take atleast a few weeks before it would stop so he asked if his stay could be extended for a while longer.
The princess sent word that she would be fine with the new arrangement, but again warned her servants to not breathe a word about her existence to anyone while they stayed.

The following week, Marcus decided to go out for a walk in the royal orchards because he was tired of staying indoors all day long. He enjoyed nature & loved getting lost in it’s beauty. We walked around for hours, thinking about life & all that & without realizing he stumbled closer to the tower at the East.  He was just about to head back when he heard someone crying close to it. He looked around, but couldn’t find anyone & he, being a nice knight & everything, started to get worried about who was crying. Unwillingly, he stepped into the tower & started moving onwards to find the source of all the sobbing.

When he at last came close to the final door, he opened it to find Princess Rosalie crying alone in her room. He didn’t who she was but to him, she was enchantingly beautiful.
His sudden presence frightened Rosalie & she ordered the knight to get out but he didn’t & instead introduced himself to her & asked for her name. She refused & begged Marcus to leave her alone but he told her he wouldn’t until she felt better as he wiped her tears.
The knight tried to make her feel better & told her stories about his homeland & showed her his Valyrian steel sword that he’d won in a tournament & slowly, she began talking to him & she told the knight why she was crying & how she was always sad being alone in this castle.
After that, the knight & the princess started meeting daily, & the princess slowly started feeling better & stopped crying so much. The knight on the other hand, felt himself falling in love with Rosalie because she was always on his mind.
As days passed, the both started becoming closer, & the knight took an oath himself to protect the princess from this day till his last.
Winter was leaving & as Spring time approached, the snowing stopped & started melting away. The King decided it was time for them to take leave & announced that the men ride a day after tomorrow after dawn.
That night, Marcus kept thinking of a way to take Rosalie with him away from everyone else & he decided he’ll ask her to elope with him in the dead of night towards Scotland where he owned a good amount of lands.
The next morning, he told her of what he thought & she was more than happy to say yes, & as the following night approached, Marcus & Rosalie gathered their stuff & left the stone castle forever.
The eventually ended up in Scotland where they got married & spend the rest of their lives living happily ever after.

The End.


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