If I had a chance to do it over.

What would I do if I had a chance to live 2 different lives simultaneously, together?
At one hand, I’d still focus on becoming a doctor cause’ not only would it be the more logical choice of career path, but it’s also something I personally find fascinating, however the pressure load & the stress is a little hard to handle at times.

But if I could live an alternate life, I’d want to be;

a journalist;
a writer;
a traveler;
a chef-in-the-making;
a photographer;

a care-free teenager who only cares about todays, not tomorrows.

& have;

a beautiful old mansion;
a house in the highlands;
a lovely yacht to sail on;
a verenda to spend my summers nights;
a fireplace to snuggle in front of with the one I love;
a back yard that leads into a forest;
a zest for adventure;

a carefree life;
a whole lot of time.

& see my future as;

full of opportunities;
a beautiful & loving family;

filled with everything I could ever hope of attaining.

& life would be;

without too many pains, 
without too much suffering;
full of mistakes that teach me how to live better;

surrounded by people whom I love;
full of peace & serenity;
fulfillment at it’s best. 

& death would be;

just an abstract concept;
a call to finally go Home;
to finally meet my Maker;
to say goodbye to a single moment & to say hello to an entire lifetime.

It’s a nice thought to think, that maybe in some alternate dimension [if one exists], I could be doing all this & enjoying life.
But even after everything, I wouldn’t trade my entire lifetime of experiences & memories for all that, cause’ everything is too precious to ever give up just life that.


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