The Pastry adventures.

Once upon a time, someone made the 1st chicken pastry. It was yummy, but that isn’t what this story is about. It’s about the journey of a chicken, a sheaf of wheat & some ordinary yeast.
A guy once made some chicken pastries for himself one day, & he made them all into tiny bundles of joy, tiny & cute. He made one exceptionally cuter than the rest, which was later dubbed ‘Cutie Pie’.
So cutie pie & all the other tiny pastries took their own sweet time in the making – yeast was needed to be mixed with luke warm water, dough was supposed to be kneaded, & the chicken was needed to be flavored.

When the Yeast 1st came into conciousness, he felt drowsy. He assumed that he had had another one of his routine hangovers, considering how much alcohol he had to work with, & the tiny pool of water he was swimming in made him idly confirm his hypothesis of passing out in the bathtub again. He didn’t mind, he was pretty slobbish anyway, & floating seemed to make his headache go away.
Even when he was poured onto the dough for mixing, he didn’t suspect much, just that he was heavily disorientated & wondered how much alcohol was involved the night before.

Mrs. Dough on the other hand, had been prepared for kneading all her life. She came from a small village far from the city & as a young wheat back in the day, she’d been told by all the elder wheat in the area about, ‘the life beyond refinery’ & by the time she was ripe, she was rushed to refinery, & emerged as tiny grains of her formal self. She felt excited to be part of the ritual, & patiently awaited the next steps of her future life.

When the Chicken initially realised what was happening to her, she felt depressed. The only thing she remembered last was crossing the road, & the next time she woke up, she was missing all the important parts of her body including her feathers. She felt so embarrassed, she was a very shy Chicken.
While she was left for defrosting, she contemplated life, & thought & thought about how her actions had affected her current position, & slowly accepted that she should’ve never crossed the road to get to the other side, because the other side was a chicken farm & that she should’ve known better. But what’s done is done, & she decided to survive as long as she could & enjoy as much time she had left because life’s too short to be depressed, literally.

Eventually the guy got around to cooking the Chicken, & kneading the dough which was eventually mixed in with the Yeast. The Chicken initially enjoyed being cooked, she felt like she was in a hot sauna, & didn’t even mind when the guy cut her up into tiny pieces, it was just less of herself to worry about. Mrs. Dough really liked being kneaded, she felt herself relax, so much that she didn’t even mind when Yeast was mixed in. Yeast on the other hand finally felt something was very, very wrong. The more time he spent mixed into Mrs. Dough, the more he thought, & finally he blew up which caused Mrs. Dough to rise who finally realised there was something else on board.
Mrs. Dough initially felt annoyed to have the yeast crash on her like an unwanted guest, but being humble she tried reasoning with him, tried comforting him until he finally cooled down a little as she explained what’s happening. He felt pretty bad because he felt like he had so much more alcohol to make, & now it wouldn’t be possible because that part of his journey was over. But Mrs. Dough told him that life was all about moving forward & enjoying the ride & added that atleast he wasn’t alone.
Just as they were talking, the felt something hot & steamy cushion up into Mrs. Dough’s soft folds. The Chicken was overjoyed to find Mrs. Dough & Yeast in this part of the journey, & hugged them both while the pastry was being folded.

Ironically, all 3 concious parts of the dough, yeast & chicken ended up in Cutie Pie, the cutest of the pastries. The 3 friends couldn’t be happier. They’d be there to hold each other & enjoy themselves as their journey continued. The Chicken was really friendly so she started telling the others about her hot sauna treatment & told them how much she wished they could experience it since it was so relaxing. Just as she was saying so, they felt themselves feeling warmer & warmer by the second. Chicken said it was funny, because this is exactly how the sauna was, & they were happy cause’ Mrs. Dough was really fascinated by the idea while Yeast said he wouldn’t mind a hotter temperature because it would make him pretty active.
Eventually they fell asleep & the next time they woke up, they were out in the open again, & wrapped in a tiny paper towel. They thought it was sweet someone had decided to cover them up, especially Chicken who was still very shy.
All three agreed that they had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Mrs. Dough said she was glad she went through the ritual with two of the most amazing people she could ever find, & Yeast said it was nice to finally retire & be subjected to so much relaxation.
Eventually they said their goodbyes as they disappeared off into the guy’s tummy, knowing each one of them had a friend to be with.

The End.


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