So a friend of mine just made up this story on the spot & I loved it so much I decided to publish it. 😀

I was thinking of doing an experiment.
Put an apple Bavaria in the fridge and try to see how long I can last and make a personal diary.

Day 1.
Dear diary,
it’s the first day, I can do this, its just a cold beverage. I can drink water it’s no big deal.

Day 3.
Dear diary,
I hid the Bavaria can because I’m scared my brother might drink it; it doesn’t matter, but I still don’t want him to have it.

Day 7.
Dear diary,
Water tastes bad, I don’t know, maybe there’s some thing in the water. It just makes my stomach churn.

Day 13.
Dear diary,
I went to the gym today and I can’t quench my thirst. My insides feel like sand paper. It’s like this insatiable thirst and I can’t shake it.

Day 15.
Dear Diary,
I think my brother may have discovered the Bavaria can, I fear that he may drink it and as much as I don’t care, I fear that I may hate him forever if he does.

Day 23.
Dear Diary,
I hear voices in my head. I went closer to the kitchen & heard muffled noises in the fridge .. I think the Bavaria wants me to drink it. I think ill just sleep it off.

Day 26.
Dear Diary,
I hid the can inside a secret compartment in the fridge. I fear my brother has already starting plotting on how to get his hands on the can. Also the nightmares are getting worse.

Day 32.
Dear Diary,
I heard my mom open a can in the kitchen all the way from my room and I went rabid and parkoured my way to the kitchen and smacked the can out of my moms hands.

It was a diet coke ..

Day 37.
Dear Diary,
I’m sleeping over someone else today. I can’t sleep. They’ve locked the door and I can’t get out , I feel trapped. I tried calling home but everyone was asleep ..

Day 39.
Dear Diary,
I’ve been sitting in front of the fridge for 7 hours now, I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. My throat is jammed and I have trouble breathing.

Day 45.
Dear Diary,
My parents take me to the hospital because I lack nutrition. I tried to sneak out at night back home because the drip attached to my arm started changing colour ..

It was yellowish kinda like beer ..

Day 50.
Dear Diary,
My parents tried to talk me down .. I must be honest, I passed out.
I heard nothing ..
I had a dream .. but I can’t tell you.
I’m sorry.

Day 55.
Dear Diary,
I went to the grocery store today. I remember spotting another can .. and I don’t remember much more. My mom’s in the hospital because some monster bit her and my dad says they let me go because I’m a minor, I don’t understand what they were talking about but I don’t think I can take much more of this.

Day 56.
Dear Diary,
My sister brought me a Gatorade.
I threw it on her face.
She isn’t talking to me anymore.

Day 60.
Dear Diary,
I’ve decided that having a sip of it doesn’t matter. One sip won’t determine what kind of person I am.

Day 61.
Dear Diary,
The fridge is gone ..
Gone ..
Dad says it was leaking some gas which could be dangerous but I think he is lying.
Still, I cannot let him know there is a secret compartment ..

Day 63.
Dear Diary,
The fridge isn’t back yet.
My parents asked me why I haven’t been going to gym lately.
I slapped Ayesha accidentally today .. yet I feel nothing.

Day 64.
Dear Diary,
The voices are telling me to kill.

Day 66.
Dear Diary,
I turned 19.
My parents gave me money.
My dad slipped me some shady pills .. I’ll take them tonight.

Day 68.
Dear Diary,
I could legally buy a self defensive fire arm and I think its pretty cool.
I saw a Bavaria truck pass by today. It’s okay, I have a gun now.

Day 69.
Dear Diary,
‘My favorite number’, says the voice in my head.
At the corner of the grocery store.
I shot someone.
They called the police.
It doesn’t matter now.
Nothing does.

Day 69 1/2.
Dear Diary,
They asked if i had any last wishes before I was executed for the murder of 5 civilians and a prostitute ..
That’s so rude of them ..
Prostitutes are people too.
I had a wish.
I got my wish.

100% EVIL.

100% EVIL.



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