Weird[?] form of punishment.

When I was little, I had a thing for chocolates. I would wait for them to arrive so that I could gobble them down before mum saw me cause’ she didn’t like my tummy. So my time with my love was just for a few seconds, but it meant the world to me.

Once someone, close to Eid dropped off chocolates at my house. My mum made sure she didn’t open the box until much later because she knew I’d pounce, so I waited. I waited patiently for weeks & even after the box opened, I tried to fool my mum into thinking I was changing for the better but in reality, I was waiting to strike when she’d least expect it.
Eventually mum got a call from my nano [her mother] & I knew it was gonna last atleast an hour. I decided to carpe the hell out of that diem & sneaked to the kitchen, except I had no idea my mum had plans of her own if I decided to act on my instincts.


My kitchen wasn’t this empty, I was just too lazy to draw. 

I scanned around the kitchen, making sure I saw no footsteps. I listened silently but only heard my own heart pounding. I was so close.


Tupperware = old icecream boxes filled with salan. 

I scanned through my fridge & found my love sitting at the top shelf. I had to balance on my tiptoes to get the box, & I did.


The breach of sanity.

I began diving in. One bar after another, there was no stopping me. I was in chocolate heaven, my mind was overloaded with serotonin & my body was experiencing a sugar rush filling me with excitement & energy of a thousand cats on catnip.


The horror. 

While I faced euphoria, I was so involved in my little bubble of happiness and sunshine that I forgot to lookout for mum coming back into the kitchen. I was gnawing on my chocolates rambunctiously, without a care in the world that I did not notice the figure looming up behind me.
As I turned around & saw her, my heart sank & my blood ran cold. My hands felt weak & I felt like this was the last the world would ever see of me.
As I sat there, I dared not look at her. Suddenly she spoke:


Reverse Psychology with a heavy touch of desiness. 

I was so confused. I didn’t want to eat anymore. WHY was she letting me eat? Were they poisoned? Was this all I could ever eat from now on? What was this sorcery?!
I began to cry & I begged her to take it away but she stood there, with her hand over her hips, staring at me angrily. She stood there & yelled at me to eat the next one & as I took one out, I felt like she was gonna hit me for falling for her trick but no, she stood there & watched me eat.
As I finished the next one, she told me to eat more.

3 bars later I was in hysterics & she finally took the box away, saying, “ainda khaya toh yehi karoungi tumhare saath.”

it’s been 11 years, & I’ve still never eaten more than my fair share after that.
mum: 1
Mariyam: 0






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