Fooodddd// Not all that once you’ve cooked.

Okay so like since the past 2 hours I’ve been stuck in the kitchen with my mum.

& so, you can imagine how badly I have wanted to get out of there. Seriouslyy .. its just some dumb rule back in Pakistan that teenage girls should know how to cook/clean/take care of the family house ; basically take over the whole system once they’ve supposdly ‘grown up’.

& guess what Mum’s been expecting of me all year around? Yehh that. -_-

Anyway so I’ve been chopping onions, cutting up carrots, grinding meat & mixing different salts & what-nots the whole afternoon.

But, I’ve tasted my creation, & I must sayy I make a darn good cook. =D

Haha anyway here’s the picture of my latest creation. =P

Ugh this looks horrible! =S

Ugh this looks horrible! =S


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